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Marcum, C. (2007). Interpreting the intentions of internet predators; an examination of onlinepredatory behavior. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 16(4), 99-114.

This study gives an analysis on Internet predators and their behaviors online, such as their use of manipulation, and their search for control. Through a large use of figures and data, the study looks into the prevalence of Internet predators and why it is important to look at them specifically and not just the broader topic of sexual predators that is covered in most other studies. With three different case studies of online predators in this study, Marcum was able to begin to notice patterns in their behaviors, specifically that they “all used manipulation to lure their victims.” This study will be helpful in my research because it shows an example of an approach I can take while examining these Internet predators and to begin to find my own patterns in my assessment.