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Sykiotou, Athanassia P. (2007). Trafficking in Human Beings: Internet Recruitment. Council of Europe.

In this report, the author lists the online methods used by traffickers and child predators to further their exploitation of women and children in Europe, the legal and technical efforts of other states and nations combatting this issue, and the most promising ways to fight illegal internet recruitment. It sites employment advertisements, such as modeling jobs, as the main mode of recruitment for traffickers. However, marriage agency, escort, chat and dating sites were mentioned to have also been used by traffickers to attract new victims. The author calls for an increase in awareness of the problem, the development of Internet technology to detect and assist victims of trafficking, and a comprehensive map of the sites and channels used by traffickers and predators in order to detect the flow of illegal human traffick. The author affirms Hughes’s (cited above) assertion that the Internet has greatly enhanced the predator’s ability to exploit his or her victims online and on the ground.