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Choo, Kim-Kwang Raymond. (2009). Online child grooming: A literature review on the misuse of social networking sites for grooming children for sexual offences. Australian Institutude of Criminology Research and Public Policy Series 103, ii-xiv.

Choo uses current literature to extensively discuss the role in which the Internet and social networking sites play in the online grooming of children by sexual predators. The report also mentions ways in which predators and traffickers can and likely will exploit technological changes to commit harmful child grooming. It calls for further study of online grooming techniques used by perpetrators to understand how children are being sexually exploited through on and off-line contact. This will help to further create and refine technological tools designed to intervene in the grooming process. A large amount of the report is set aside to illustrate the psychology and history of both the average child and predator, information which can be used to identify vulnerable individuals. He encourages cooperation between governmental agencies, research institutions, and academia to create investigative tools that will help locate, prevent, and report online child sexual exploitation.