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Lumeng, J.C., Forrest, P., Appugliese, D.P., Kaciroti, N., Corwyn, R.F., & Bradley, R.H. (2010). Weight status as a predictor of being bullied in third through sixth grades. Pediatrics, 125, 1-12.

The sample included 821 U.S. children in third, fifth, and sixth grades. Height and weight were measured during study visits in third, fifth, and sixth grades. Obesity was defined as a BMI ≥95th percentile and overweight as a BMI

Results: The odds of being bullied in relation to weight status in were 1.85 for obesity and 1.26 for overweight. Being bullied in third grade was not associated with an increase in BMI z score in the subsequent 2 years.

Discussion: Obese 8- to 11-year-old US children were more likely to be bullied as compared with their non-overweight peers. Being obese, by itself, seems to increase the likelihood of being a victim of bullying. Interventions that address obesity at both the individual and community levels are needed.