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Beech, A. R., Elliott, I. A., Birgden, A., & Findlater, D. (2008). The Internet and child sexual offending: A criminological review. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 13, 216-228.

This study shows the three ways in which sexual predators use the Internet, which are distribution of sexually abusive images of children, discussion with others who share a similar sexual interest in children, and creating or maintaining online pedophiliac networks. with all of these ways aiding in a sexual predators’ interests on the Internet, the dangers are discussed, as well as the new laws that were created. This article looks at the chance of these online predators acting out on their sexual fantasies in person, which is said to be very likely. This article greatly puts into perspective the dangers of the Internet, and how it is abused by those with deviant behaviors, such as sexual interest in children.