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Gilgun, J. F. (1994). Avengers, conquerors, playmates, and lovers; roles played by child sexual abuse perpetrators. Families in society; the journal of contemporary human sciences, 45, 467-480.

In this article, Gilgun focuses on the relationships between child sexual abuse perpetrators and their victims. Gilgun separates the relationships into 7 different typologies into which the perpetrators’ relationships with their victims can be categorized. It is also explained that at different times, perpetrators can fit their victims into different typologies, while also different victims of the same perpetrator can fill different relationship needs and typologies than others. This is important to my research because it will help to give insight into the actions of child sexual abusers and the methods they go to in order to create relationships with their victims. Their portrayal of themselves in these different typologies is also vital for me to understand, so that I can become aware of how the mind of a perpetrator works while in an abuse situation, specifically when conversing online, in regards to my research.