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Do you have access to chatlog data that would be interesting or useful for the project? We'd love to receive your submission! We even want examples of "regular communication" (not containing cyberbullying or predatory content).

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More information on the data we are looking for an how it will be used:

What is a chat log?

A chat log is a series of lines of text that represent a conversation or series of conversations carried about between one or more people over the internet. Communication can be through social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, or, by instant messaging (AIM or MSN, for example), within chat rooms, via email or by using any other online tool.

What kind of chat logs are you looking for?

Any kind. "Normal" chat logs, as in those that do not contain cyber-violence, are useful so that we can examine normal chat dialogue. "Violent" chat logs are useful so that we can see how either the bullying begins or how predators lure children.

Why should I send you my chat logs?

Everyday, children are being subjected to cyber-violence. You can help us try to stop these horrible behaviors. By sending us your chat logs we can examine internet chat behavior among a random sampling of people across the internet.

How do I send my chat logs in?
Read the form on the upload page and if you agree with the conditions click the "I Agree" button. You will then be presented with an upload and a blank text box option. All you have to do is paste your chat logs in the text box and click send, or select a file to upload. Files in any format are acceptable to us.

Is this an anonymous process?
We are not tracking where the data comes from, and we will not edit the data. If personal information is revealed in the chat log, our researchers will have access to it. If you are concerned about the personal information that is revealed by the content of the chat, you may edit the file before you send it. This project has been approved by the Ursinus College Institutional Review Board (IRB) and you are encouraged to contact the IRB administrator or one of the principal investigators if you have any questions or concerns.

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